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Brass stamps for leather stamping

Na mieru vyrobené mosadzné razidlo pre razenie do kože

Why have a stamp made by us?

First of all, we do not like complaints and will do everything to avoid them. We all make stamps in basically the same way and from the same material. Over the years, we have solved the entire issue of the production of branding stamps and we have come to the conclusion that the service life and, above all, the correct functionality of the brass stamps is not affected directly in the machine somewhere in the workshop.

The really important thing happens with our graphic designer. He will "take your logo apart", verify every detail and determine whether the logo is basically suitable for use as a leather embossing stamp.

If it turns out that some small details will not work correctly, he will gently adjust them, and in the case of texts, he will ensure that after pressing the stamp into the leather, a nicely legible text is created.

And don't worry, we never make changes that change the look of the logo, and we send even the smallest changes back for approval.

How is our brass stamp used?

First of all, we need to specify for the sake of production whether you use a press for embossing with stamps, or do you need a stainless steel handle for the stamp that you can pound on with a hammer, which force will be enough for you.

If you can't decide which method is more suitable for you, we will be happy to advise you during a consultation. In any case, the press for the brass stamp is considerably more gentle, at the same time, thanks to the simple control of the pressure, the impressions in the leather will also be pressed more beautifully.

It is very important to consider which pattern I will use most often. If you most often use stamps with small texts, or small branding stamps with a diameter of around 20x20mm, and the area they have to stamp into the leather is small, a stainless steel handle and hammer will surely be enough for you.

If you often use larger stamps that need to emboss a large area into the leather and not just thin contours, we definitely recommend considering using a press. In this case, you can very easily press the stamp into the leather to the required depth, without risking that it will move with repeated hammer blows and thereby invalidate the pattern. We will, of course, tailor the press fitting according to your requirements so that you can fasten your stamp in the press quickly and easily.

Razidlo z mosadze pre razenie vzorov do kože
Raznica pre razenie do kože a iných materiálov

How long will I have to wait for my stamp?

If you order for the next day before midnight, you probably won't have it. But the entire production of the stamp will normally take place within two days, plus a day or two for the carrier. Since it is a custom production, we think that such a speed of delivery is great. And if you're not one of those people who ritually burn the instruction manual because they definitely don't need it, we'll be happy to explain all the tips and tricks on how to do it the first time.

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