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Production of Brass Stamps

The story of my brass stamp production began years ago with small custom production. I slowly changed my focus from boring parts to unique pieces of work with which you will present yourself later. I made brass stamps more often until my passion has become the production of the most complex stamps.  

AW Collection
Custom production of brass punches

Wood burning 

Every wood production should leave their signature, their logo, on the products. Personally, I do not know a better way to tell my customers how much you are proud of your work. In this gallery you will find the most natural way of presenting yourself. 

Leather embossing stamps

Stamping into leather

People like to show their leather accessories to others. And that is the moment when your product must have a logo, thanks to which others will recognize you.

Custom made brass stamps
Production of alphabets for embossing texts.

Custom alphabet 

I do not think it is wise to create a stamp for each text you need to stamp into the leather. Thanks to the brass alphabet set, your texts will be unique. Your only concern will be the correct placement of the stamping blocks in the stack. 

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